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Set within the world of the Magi Saga, the series follows the missions of agent Rebecca Chance,
agent for the Black Ops division of the Arcanum.

The Arcanum is an organisation dedicated to keeping humanity safe from, and ignorant of the Supernatural world.
This is usually achieved through manipulation of governments, corporations and the media.
Sometimes though, subtle maneuvering behind the scenes doesn’t work, or things have progressed too far for the Arcanum’s usual tactics to be of any use.
That’s when they send in the Black Ops Agents.

Operating in the shadows, the Agents of the Black Ops Division travel the world, taking on the black market trade of enchanted items, stopping artifacts falling into the wrong hands, such as dictators, criminal gangs or business leaders.
They stop people using Magic to control businesses, governments or criminal organisations.
They dismantle extortion and trafficking rings with extreme prejudice.
Anything where the world of the supernatural is threatens the mortal world, or becomes too public.


A new black market organisation has arisen, and is selling enchanted items to clients it really shouldn’t.
Rebecca’s mission is to find out more about this new group, and stop them.
But when her past comes back to haunt her, she begins to question everything she thought she knew…

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Nights Rise
Arcanum Black Ops 1

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