BOB's Bar is a collaboration between seven authors, where one of our characters, from our own universes, all meet up in a bar to tell stories and have a few drinks. 
Born from a concept thought up by Jonathan P. Brazee and pitched at a writers conference to the others in the book, this is the first in hopefully a series of cross over books where characters from entirely different universes get to meet up and have fun.
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We've seen some confusion around this book from some readers, so hopefully this will help to clear up some of the details. 

Are ALL these characters a part of "The Kurtherian Gambit" or "Aeon 14" universes?
Only Bethany Anne (Michael Anderle's Character) and Terry Henry (Craig Martelle's Character) are from the Kurtherian Gambit Universe, and only Tanis Richards is from the Aeon 14 Universe. 

The others are all from other, totally separate universes, written by the relevant Author, and other than in this book, have no further affiliation with the Kurtherian Gambit or Aeon 14 at the time of writing.
(There are, however, further collaborations and cross overs planned)

But, we hope that if you enjoy Cal Carver, or Amanda-Jane Page or any of the others, you might want to check out their books. 

So, who's who?
Well, let's run through them and I'll give you links to their books as I go as well. 
So, from left to right on the cover, we have:

Ryck Lysander from The United Federation Marine Corps Universe
- by author Jonathan P. Brazee
Get Book 1 HERE

Amanda Jane Page from the Magi Saga Universe
- by author Andrew Dobell
Get Book 1 HERE

Tanis Richards from the Aeon 14 Universe
- by author M. D. Cooper
Get Book 1 HERE

Bethany Anne from the Kurtherian Gambit Universe
by author Michael Anderle
Get Book 1 HERE

Terry Henry Walton from the Kurtherian Gambit Universe
- by author Craig Martelle
Get Book 1 HERE

Cal Carver from the Space Team Universe
- by author Barry J. Hutchison
Get Book 1 HERE

Marc Ibarra from the Ember War Universe
- by author Richard Fox
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You can see the characters labeled, with their authors below. 
We hope you enjoy the book and discovers some new Authors. 

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