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My Writing Schedule

This listing will be updated and changed as I go, depending on what I feel like writing next and on what the readers want to read next. 
So do check back often to keep up to date on what I'm working on. 

Previous Projects
The original Magi Saga is finished.
Star Magi 1 and it’s prequel is out now.

Current Projects

Wasteland Road Knights 3
Star Magi 2
Patreon Series - Zombie Killin’ Blonde

Following Books
Currently undecided.

Space Girl - A retro, sexy, fun Sci-Fi series set in the Magi universe.
Arcanum Black Ops - A Magi Saga spin off.
Other Works
As is typical for me, I have so many other idea for books that I'm keen to write. 
A LitRPG idea I have in my head. 
Aria - My Epic Space Opera Series - the Pilgrim Short story is a Prequel to it.

I also have a Vampire Series idea, an Epic Fantasy Idea and a newly thought of Cyberpunk idea.
So, too many ideas than I know what to do with basically.   :-)