My Writing Schedule

This listing will be updated and changed as I go, depending on what I feel like writing next and on what the readers want to read next. 
So do check back often to keep up to date on what I'm working on. 

Current Project
The New Prometheus - Book 3
The New Prometheus has been very well received, and I'm looking forward to getting back into this Cyberpunk World
and following Frankie and her team as they take on the corporations.
Following Books
The order that I write these in might change
The New Prometheus Book 4
With this Cyberpunk Series doing so well, I am keen to keep writing it,
so book 4 is high on my list of priorities. 
Nights Rise: Arcanum Black Ops - The Magi Saga
This is a the first in a companion trilogy that will sit alongside the main Magi Saga Series
and will lead into events that will happen in book 6 of the Magi Saga. 
This book is part writen.
The Magi Saga - Book 5
The continuing adventures of Amanda. 
I'm looking forward to getting back to this story as it's such a passion project for me
and I wan't wait to show you what happens next. 
Zombie Run - Book 1
Having shot and created a cover for book 1, I am keen to write this soon. 
It's a Zombie apocalypse Idea with a twist on a Horror trope. 

Other Works
As is typical for me, I have so many other idea for books that I'm keen to write. 
Aria - My Epic Space Opera Series (the prequel to which is actually available in the Expanding Universe Anthology)
Space Girl - A retro, sexy, fun Sci-Fi space adventure series idea. 
I also have a Vampire Series idea, a Post Apocalyptic/Urban Fantasy series idea, an Epic Fantasy Idea and
a newly thought of Sci-Fi Ninja idea.
So, too many ideas than I know what to do with basically.   :-)