The New Prometheus
A Cyberpunk Series.

In a world ruled by faceless, uncaring mega corporations, Frankie, a young woman who has rejected being cyberized,
just wants to make a difference by helping the victims of the cybernetic revolution to fix their
ailing prosthetics in the slums of neo-London.

But when a genius cybernetics Doctor who’s on the run from a powerful corporation finds Frankie bleeding to death in the aftermath of a “Jacker Gang” attack,
he sees an opportunity to finish his latest cybernetic masterpiece and transplants Frankie’s brain into a powerful prosthetic body.

Frankie has barely woken up when the corporations forces attack and kidnap the genius Doctor forcing Frankie to go on the run in her new cybernetic body.
Pursued by corporation Special Forces, cybernetic Agents and hulking Mechs, Frankie must fight to survive and choose what to do
with her new body and its incredible abilities.

Frankie must get over the hatred she has for her new body if she is to save the doctor's life and strike her first real blow against the tyrannical corporations.
This new Cyberpunk action thriller is a must read for fans of Ghost in the Shell, Blade Runner, Appleseed, Akira, The Matrix, Robocop and Total Recall.

My Writing Schedule
Books 1 to 4 complete the first story arc of The New Prometheus. 
I do have 3 more books outlined, and I hope to return to this series in the future. 

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