Short Stories

In addition to the full novels that i write, I also enjoy writing short stories and novellas. 
These can vary wildly between genre's, and are usually either releated to a main series of novels,
or are short stand alone ideas I had that turned into a fleshed out story. 

Space Girl and the Sensual Spy

Written for an Anthology of comedy shorts, this was a test for a series idea I have thats a retro sci-fi comedy, very influenced by Barbarella and Flash Gordon.

Special ops agent Seren Zenith is one of the most promising new recruits in the Department of Clandestine Operations. Her sarcastic robot sidekick, Humphrey McTechbot would likely argue otherwise though. Agents of the Theren Union should have more bloody self-respect and focus on the job, not on who to bed next!

Right? Am I right? 

When Seren is teamed up with hunky, military poster boy Hunter, and his bewildered alien companion Zerk, they’re sent on a mission to save a captured spy from certain doom. 

In the neutral territory of pleasure planet Sensulton, where even the buildings look jolly phallic, danger lurks around every other corner (with rudely shaped vegetable produce around the other corners), and nothing is as it seems.

Can Seren keep her mind on the mission and off Hunters gentleman's sausage? Can Humphrey bear to spend another five minutes with these colossal morons? Will Hunter live up to his heroic image and will Zerk find these dangerous human-bovine hybrids?

Who knows! Not I dear reader, and I wrote the blooming thing.

So, strap in for a spiffing melodrama of the worst kind, sexual euphemisms, far too many exclamation marks, and a robot obsessed with android soap operas. Good show old bean! Pip pip!


This short story serves as a prequel story to a series idea that I have, and hope to write soon. 
I'd love to know if you like it. 

The Foster Colony of Norfolk has embarked upon the first round of expansion into uncharted territory since the Time of Discord. 
Acacia is a Navigator aboard the scout ship “Pilgrim”, tasked with finding new uncharted worlds out beyond the boundaries of human space when it mysteriously suffers catastrophic damage part way through its FTL jump. 
Emerging from warp, the fatally damaged ship is forced to crash-land on a nearby planet. Acacia manages to make it to what she hopes will be a safe area of the ship to ride out the landing, all the time hoping that her boyfriend Kal can do the same. 
Little does she know that there is more than just unyielding rock waiting for them to land on the barren looking planet below.