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 Quantum Legends

Follow Amanda, the hero of the Magi Saga and Star Magi Saga books, as she crosses the Multiverse to visit some of your favorite characters from other book series, and is swept up in some high stakes adventures.

Born from our work on the BOB’s Bar books, Quantum Legends came into being because I wanted to work with other authors again, including those in the BOB’s Bar books. So, I approached M D Cooper, and then Barry J Hutchison, and this led to the first 2 Quantum Legends collaborations.
Later, I spoke with Michael Anderle, and the third collaboration was also agreed.
Consisting of alternating chapters, jumping back and forth between Amanda and the other main character (Jessica in Book 1, Cal in book 2, Bethany Anne in book 3), we follow Amanda on her adventures across the multiverse as she takes on the Reavers, Multidimensional Magi criminals out to pillage other realities.

These first 2 books are currently being written, and will be coming soon in early 2019.
Book 3 is in the very early planning stages, and will likely be available in the summer of 2019.

Quantum Legends 1
Anomaly on Cerka
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Quantum Legends 2
Space Oddities
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Quantum Legends 3
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My Collaborators

The Authors I am working with are truly amazing storytellers, and I enjoy their books immensely myself, so I really want to share with you their work. You can find links to books relevant to Quantum Legends in their respective series below.
Click, buy and enjoy.

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You can grab Outsystem HERE.

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To read more by Michael Anderle
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Amanda and Tanis stood in front of The Mandy.

Amanda and Tanis stood in front of The Mandy.