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Reading Guide & Timeline 

The Magi Saga is a sprawling tale told over several separate but interconnected series, and can be difficult to navigate.
So, I created this reading guide to help you work your way through the various books.

The books cover several genre’s, from Urban Fantasy to Space Opera to Post Apocalyptic, with more books, series and genre’s to come. I also included a chronological order as the books span a wide timeline, and have been known to include some time travel on occasion.
This guide is just a recommendation, and if you have read the series in a different order to the one below, or missed some of the books entirely, it shouldn’t hurt your enjoyment of the books too much.

One of the later books on this guide, Quantum Legends 2, is not yet written. But will be soon.
Also, Zombie Killin’ Blonde is a serial story currently being told on my Patreon page.

This guide will be updated as more books are released.

To explore the books listed below in more detail, visit my BOOKS page.

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