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Star Magi Saga

A new Space Fantasy Series
The Star Magi Saga is both an entierly new Series, and a new starting point for the Adventures of Amanda, but it's also a continuation of the story of Amanda, from the Magi Saga. 

The world of the Star Magi
The Magi have been living hidden amongst humanity since pre-history. 
But over ten thousand years ago, the first of these Magi looked to the stars and wondered what might be out there. 
These early pioneers left Earth behind to travel the cosmos, colonising worlds, creating vast empires, and fighting against the Dark Magi who followed them. 
Today, in the twenty first century, unknown to the humans on Earth, the Magi have spread through the Milky Way,
and even reached other galaxies.

Join Amanda as she take her first steps exploring the stars, and confronting the dangers of the void.
Do you love Dragons in Space? Magic and high technology? Bad ass girls kicking some ass?

Then the Star Magi Saga is for you. 

Star Magi Saga - Main Series

Star Magi
Star Magi Saga
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Magi Nexus
Star Magi Saga
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War Magi
Star Magi Saga
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Star Magi Saga Tales
These are short stories set within the Star Magi Saga world that add depth to the setting and story.

Maiden Voyage - Prequel
Star Magi Saga Tales 1
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Star Magi Saga Tales 2
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Further books in the Magi Saga
The World of the Magi Saga is vast, and growing, to help readers navigate the books, I have created a Reading Guide.

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Quantum Legends

Quantum Legends is a collaboration project between myself and other Authors where Amanda get’s to travel to other Universes, meet other characters created by other authors and go an in adventure with them.
I have 3 authors lined up for collaboration already, and hope to have more in the future.
If you’d like to know more about Quantum Legends, CLICK HERE.

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One of thie things I love about creating these books is doing the covers.
I’ve always been an artist at heart, and showing the characters in a visual way is always a fun.
As part of creating the covers, I usually do shoots, and below you can see one of my recent shoots for
the Magi Saga covers.
The model is Vicki Blatchley, and I was assisted by Tania Claire for Make Up and Hair.

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Space Girl and the Sensual Spy

You might also want to check out this sexy comedy short story.

Here’s a short blurb:
Space Girl Seren Zenith, and her sarcastic robot sidekick, Humphrey McTechbot, are sent on a decidedly deadly mission to free a spy from the clutches of evil. Accompanied by a hunky military hero and a bewildered alien, nothing is as it seems, and the fate of, well, not the galaxy, or world… maybe a couple of lives that few people care about, hang in the balance? Yeah, that works! Spiffing good show old bean.

A retro, ray-gun wielding and velour catsuit wearing, sexy sci-fi adventure romp through the cosmos.