The Magi Saga

Epic Calling
The Magi Saga, Book 1
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Shadows of Darkness
The Magi Saga, Book 2
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Black Dawn
The Magi Saga, Book 3
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Infinities' Edge
The Magi Saga, Book 4
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The Magi Saga
Set primarily in the modern world, this Urban Fantasy Series follows Amanda-Jane Page, "a scruffy, lovable scamp"
who discovers a world of Magic, adventure and danger and the hidden Civil war between the Magi. 
 Amanda must learn how to use Magic in order to survive and learn of her true heritage and destiny.

The Main Series
Currently planned at 9 books, but with growing plans for more,
this follows the story of Amanda and is the main central story of the Magi World. 

Short Stories and Related Series
You can get the Prequel to Epic Calling by signing up to my Mailing List now. 
I also have 2 other Short Stories available now, and interlocking series ideas.
The first side Trilogy is now planned and will be the next book I write in thie universe.

My Writing Schedule
The Magi Saga has been my passion project, but, as much as I love it, it's not
been as commercially viabal as some of my other books. 
That said, while I do need to concentrate on other series for the time being, I will return to this world. 
Also, I have other series ideas set within the Magi Saga which might lead me back here in the future anyway. 
So, Stay Tuned. 

Below you can see a Video Trailer and below that, some galleries of the Artwork I have created for the series. 
I hope you enjoy looking at it. 

Composite Image Gallery

Illustration Gallery