The Magi Saga

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The Relaunch. 
The Magi Saga was always my passion, but, the original books, especially book 1 had some fairly major flaws. Going forward, I desperately wanted to do a lot more with the Magi Saga, so I made the decision to rewrite book 1. 
The result is this newly titled line of books, with brand new covers, new content, new editing and a whole new book 1.
The Magi Saga is going to be big! Jump aboard now. 

The Magi Saga
Set primarily in the modern world, initially on Earth, this Urban Fantasy Series follows Amanda-Jane Page, "a scruffy, lovable scamp" who discovers a world of Magic, adventure and danger and the hidden Civil war between the Magi. 
 Amanda must learn how to use Magic in order to survive and learn of her true heritage and destiny.

Magi Dawn
The Magi Saga, Book 1
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Magi Rising
The Magi Saga, Book 2
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Magi Omen
The Magi Saga, Book 3
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Magi Edge
The Magi Saga, Book 4
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Magi Odyssey
The Magi Saga, Book 5
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Magi Descent
The Magi Saga, Book 6
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Magi Rebirth
The Magi Saga Book 7
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Further books in the Magi Saga
The World of the Magi Saga is vast, and growing, to help readers navigate the books, I have created a Reading Guide.

Tales of the Magi Saga

Tales is a collection of short stories that are set within the Magi Saga universe. They detail events not shown in the main series, and often feature new or side characters, along with your favourites from the main series. 
Angel of Tarut is also available for free by signing up to my mailing list.

Angel of Tarut
Tales of the Magi Saga 1
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His Love
Tales of the Magi Saga 2
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Hack Imperfect
Tales of the Magi Saga 3
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Casino Red
Tales of the Magi Saga 4
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Tales of the Magi Saga 5
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Tales of the Magi Saga 6
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A Thoroughly Modern Witch
Tales of the Magi Saga 7
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A New Chapter in the Magi Saga

Amanda's adventure continues

After the events of book 7 of the Magi Saga, the world and the fight has changed, but Amanda's fight is far from over. 
Follow Amanda's continuing adventures in STAR MAGI, book 1 of the Star Magi Saga.
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Set within a distant part of the Magi Saga universe, this Post Apocalypric tale follows the adventures of two survivors on a ravaged world, filled with Zombies, Mutants and worse. 
You can learn more about the Road Knights on their seperate page CLICK HERE

Want Updates on the Road Knights Series?

Anthology Works

BOB's Bar

Amanda travels to a Bar between universes and meets some curious strangers
who she shares a drink and some stories with. 
Bar Stories is a collaboration between several authors where our characters get to meet
and have some fun. 
Want to know more about this book? CLICK HERE

Bobs Bar
Tales from the Multiverse 1
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Bobs Bar 2
Tales from the Multiverse 1
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Further info

The Main Series
The first arc will be around 7 books, but it will continue on beyond this and expand
into new series set within the same world, featuring new and existing characters. 

Short Stories and Related Series
You can get the Prequel to Epic Calling by signing up to my Mailing List now. 
There's already a side Series called Tales of the Magi Saga 
that is a series of side stories set within the Magi Saga world, and follow other characters
and fills in some of the gaps in the main series.
Wasteland Road Knights is another, loosely connected, Magi Saga series. 

My Writing Schedule
The Magi Saga is coming back, relaunched, re-writen and re-edited. 
And there's lots more to come soon too. 

Below you can see some galleries of the Artwork I have created for the series. 
I hope you enjoy looking at it. 

Composite Image Gallery

Illustration Gallery

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