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Wasteland Road Knights

Nero looked out at the world around him, a world of violence and death, ravaged by the inferno of the Cataclysm.

The Road Knights of the Wastelands brings justice to the Apocalypse. 

After the firestorms of the Cataclysm twenty years ago, the world is an unforgiving endless desert filled with undead Zombies, powerful Daemons and cruel warlords.

Travelling the wasteland in his V8 charger, wandering badass Nero travels between the remnants of humanity, fighting zombies and offering his services as a warrior in return for food, supplies, and ladies of the night. After all, what’s he got to look forward to, a comfortable retirement?

Arriving at the fortress known as the Watchtower, Nero meets the slave girl Nyx, a beautiful young woman, skilled in the use of a sword, held captive by the Watchtowers ruler.

After a Daemon attack, events begin to spiral out of control and Nero discovers the secret Nyx has been hiding from her master. Now he must choose between the life he knows alone in the wastes, or helping the fascinating but vulnerable Nyx, and changing his life forever. 

That’s okay though, after all, you know what they say, if at first you don’t succeed, shoot it again!

Wasteland Road Knights Book 1: Liberation
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Wasteland Road Knights 2: Exploration
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Wasteland Road Knights 3: Revelation
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Wasteland Road Knights 4: Determination
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The Road Knights books are a part of the world of the Magi Saga.
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The Characters

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Survivor of the wastesNero was a child when the undead first stalked the night, and he remembers the world that was. 
A born survivor, his parents instilled a keen sense of right and wrong, but also of justice in Nero. He survives now on the fringes of humanity, never settling, always moving in his rusting armoured American muscle car from one settlement to another, offering his skills in return for whatever he needs to survive - whether that be food, fuel, ammunition or whatever else he needs. 
Nero shuns attachments, preferring a solitary life, but this all changes when he meets Nyx at the Watchtower. She's unlike anyone else he's ever met and takes an immediate liking to her. 
Nero is our Main Character. 

Slave girl of the Watchtower
Born after the Cataclysm, Nyx was taken from her parents at a young age and barely remembers them. For as long as she can really remember she had been a slave to Custodian Rex, the Watchtowers ruler. She isn't without her freedoms, however, and has become a skilled swordswoman, using the blade that Rex forged from the remains of her mother’s blades that he stole along with Nyx. Nyx harbours a valuable secret, however, that Rex is unaware of, if only she could escape. But Rex has kept her ignorant of the ways of survival, meaning she's stuck here, for now. 

Custodian of the Watchtower. 
A wasteland survivor, and loyal servant to the Deamon the Whisperer,
Rex has ruled from the Watchtower over his territory for years. 
He's very proud of his beautiful "wife" Nyx, who he uses as something of a trophy
to parade in front of visitors to the Tower. 

Wanderer and Mystic
During the Cataclysm, a few people were "touched" by the magic that ran rampant around the globe that day.
Most are mad to a certain degree, but many of them also have a strange insight into the mysterious powers
that invaded our world during the apocalypse.
Cryptus is one such mystic, who's visiting the Watchtower when Nero arrives.


The prequel to Wasteland Road Knights
is Zombie Killin’ Blonde.
This is currently being serialised on my Patreon for my $5 patrons, with at least 1 chapter being published per month.

If you would like to support my work as an Author, and find out the story of what happened to Nyx’s Mother, then feel free to sign up.

As always, I photographed and created my own covers for the series, and I enlisted the skills of the talented Mark Cordory,
professional Wasteland Ware creator, to make the costumes and props for the covers.
These were truly stunning to see come to life and I had a lot of fun shooting them. 
You can see images of his work below.
You can find out more about Mark and his work on his website HERE
And his Facebook Page HERE.

Huge thanks also to my creative team on the day. 
Make Up Artist Tania Claire, Hair Stylist Backie Packham, and models Lydia Jane & Sam Dunning.

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