Epic Cyberpunk & Urban Fantasy Books

Dive into thrilling near future mega cities, or discover magic in the shadows.

Welcome to the gripping and adventure-filled worlds of author Andrew Dobell.

If you're keen to explore a dark near-future world of corporate rule, cutting-edge hyper-tech, and the cyberpunks who fight for freedom, then check out Andrew's action packed New Prometheus series.

Or, if you prefer a modern Urban Fantasy world where magic users and monsters lurk in the shadows, fighting a shadow war for dominance over the world, the mysterious spirit realms, and beyond, then the Epic adventure-filled Magi Saga books would be for you.

Which ever path you take, you're in for a wild ride.

Andrew Dobell

Welcome to the website of bestselling author, Andrew Dobell. The creator of the sprawling Magi Saga universe, and the action packed New Prometheus cyberpunk series.

A storyteller at heart, Andrew has always loved creating worlds, characters, and thrilling narratives through both art and words. He loves spending his free time with his family, and has a keen interest in cinema and genre fiction.

Andrew also loves art, and has worked for many years as a professional illustrator and cover artist. He loves creating art based on his novels.

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