Kurtherian Gambit Art Book

A behind the scenes look at the art created for The Kurtherian Gambit.

Andrew Dobell has worked with Michael Anderle on the covers and art of the Kurtherian Gambit since it’s earliest days, starting with the book that started it all, “Death Becomes Her”.

Inside this collection of Andrew’s art for the KGU, you will find high quality, uncropped versions of the covers without the titles to hide any of the art. You will also see behind the scenes images from the shoots, the original photos used in the art and previously unpublished works, published here, exclusively and for the first time, complete with descriptions and anecdotes.

We hope you enjoy this fascinating insight into the work and artistry that goes into visualizing the Kurtherian Gambit Universe.


A Colouring Book for Grown-Ups

Explore a world of Fantasy, Magic and monsters in this Colouring book for Adults. 
All images in this book are Hand-drawn by the Author, Andrew Dobell, and ready for you to breathe life into them with some colour.

25 detailed hand drawn illustrations ready for you to colour.
2 copies of each illustration for alternate versions or in case of mistakes.
Page size is 11"x8.5", about A4 letter size.
All illustrations are single sided to allow for bleed and for you to remove.
Some illustrations contain implied/concealed nudity.

Fans of Meg Cowley, Selina Fenech and Anne Stokes might enjoy this book.

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